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Stephen Zuellig

Dr. Stephen Zuellig, is the honorary chairman of the Zuellig Group of Companies. F.E. Zuellig Co., founded over a hundred years ago by Steven’s father, is now internationally known as Zuellig Pharma Group and is recognized as the preeminent multinational pharmaceutical distribution company throughout the Asia Pacific with operations stretching from China to Cambodia. Zuellig Pharma’s well-merited reputation has afforded it partnerships with more than 125 of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies in 13 countries throughout Asia. With its depth of expertise and service-oriented philosophy, Zuellig Pharma is the Asian Pacific leader in distribution, contract manufacturing and marketing and sales of ethical and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines.

In 2003 Dr. Zuellig formally launched the first foreign-invested pharmaceutical distribution company in China - China Zuellig Xinxing Pharmaceutical Company - at an historic ceremony in the Great Hall of the People on Tiananmen Square – thus confirming China’s commitment to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the gradual opening of its service industries. The Zuellig Group has expanded well beyond pharmaceuticals and now has multinational diversified interests in shipping, manufacturing, financing, travel and insurance. In addition to his ongoing corporate responsibilities Dr. Zuellig is a Philippine Honorary Consul General with consular jurisdiction over the principality of Monaco.