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Washington SyCip

Washington SyCip is the founder of Asia's largest accounting and consulting firm, SGV & Co. He is an internationally known expert on trade with Asia and is on a first-name basis with business and political leaders throughout the region. After serving with the US Army in India and Burma, in 1946 Mr. SyCip launched his accounting firm, W. SyCip & Co., which he eventually grew into the Philippines' first successful multinational. SGV gradually absorbed other accounting firms and forged ties with U.S. consulting giant Arthur Andersen. It has become a pan Asian powerhouse, repositioning itself to become the region's leading professional services organization. To further expand its reach, SGV recently signed an accord with U.S. consultancy Kissinger Associates.

Mr. SyCip led his consulting company to preeminence by keeping it abreast of international standards, and by helping others in Asia do the same. He has fostered professionalism among the region's new generation of managers and helped introduce a new basis for mutual respect and cooperation. Mr. SyCip is a highly sought-after advisor and board member to corporations, educational institutions, and professional organizations. He is a former board member of AIG, chairman of the Asian Institute of Management (Philippines), which he helped establish, honorary chairman of the Euro-Asia Centre, INSEAD (France), chairman of the Asia Pacific Advisory Committee of the New York Stock Exchange (New York), and member of the board of governors of the Chinese Heritage Centre (Singapore). Although officially retired, today, 71-year-old Mr. SyCip is a restless traveler who raises his voice the world round on behalf of the Philippines, Asian business, and mutual cooperation. "From government on down to individuals," he reminds us,"our future prospects are a function of how effectively we can act together."