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As counselors in consummating the right relationships — quite simply — we provide access. Establishing a network of credible and proprietary relationships, known by the Chinese as “ghanxi”, is the single most important aspect of initiating and sustaining a successful business venture in China. Influential relationships with key decision makers are imperative to enter the Chinese market and are the pillars upon which any sustainable business operation is based.

For companies that meet our stringent criteria, we mobilize our extensive network of relationships with the highest levels of government officials — at national, regional and local levels — to facilitate immediate, efficient and skillful access into the Chinese market place. Global Alliance will identify strategic private partners and can provide a unique source of exceptional investment opportunities. Our services include:

Establishing the right strategic relationships to facilitate an efficient transition into China

Advice on formulating the right strategic plan

Counsel on maintaining and nurturing bilateral relationships

Counsel on government relations and approvals

Contract negotiation and closing