China’s next generation of business and political leaders are confidently and skillfully engaging China to become a dominant force in the global economy. Although it has progressed rapidly by embracing modern technologies and methods, well-established traditions continue to dominate China’s business relationships. China will advance into the new millennium by following a natural progression of these entrenched customs. The success of any foreign venture will require a comprehensive understanding of Chinese methods, mentality and culture.

China is a fascinating civilization brimming with colossal market opportunities. However, preconceived notions about conducting business in China can result in an arduous and expensive undertaking that can easily end in failure. The opportunity costs of misdirected human and financial resources coupled with unfocussed investment strategies can be significant.

GAA has developed a proven China strategy that begins with a thorough understanding of the following 5 principles:

Compromise —finding the middle ground is key

Commitment —human and financial capital must be committed and deployable

Wherewithal —closing requires patience and the wherewithal to stay the course in a highly complex process of interaction and negotiation.

Adaptability —we do not write the rules and must adopt and adapt to new ones

Humility —abandon preconceived notions about doing business in China

By embracing these principles, our clients are well positioned for a smooth and efficient transition into the Chinese marketplace. Contact us to discuss an intelligent China Strategy.