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Client Profile

Global Alliance carefully selects its clients based on a comprehensive assessment of their needs and our capacity to deliver the relationships required to launch a successful enterprise. Our goal is to select proposals that have a clearly defined strategic plan and are fully committed in terms of human and financial resources. Chinese partners are equally scrutinized to ensure a strategic fit to maximize probability of success.

Past experience demonstrates that our successful clients share these characteristics:

A final decision to initiate business operations in China has been made.

Business plan including marketing and distribution strategy is in place.

Human and financial resources are fully committed and deployable.

A willingness to adopt GAA’s China Strategy.

Client needs credible and immediate access to the highest level decisionmakers capable of facilitating an efficient transition into China.

We welcome the opportunity to assess your needs and determine our capability to assist you with your China strategy. Please submit the online questionnaire or contact us at info@globaliance.net with any questions or comments you may have.